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The chairs are suitable for disabled children at home, at schools, institutions and day care centres; they can be easily adjusted to any disabled child, enabling him/her to sit, eat, play and work properly and comfortably. The height of the chair can be comfortably adjusted according to the child’s needs using a gas spring. The special structure ensures that the chair does not rotate after the wheels are braked! The seat and backrest are softly upholstered with fabric. The length of the seat is easily adjustable by moving the backrest to a suitable position.
All chairs are mobile, with braked wheels; they have adjustable arm rests and an adjustable abduction wedge.


DOWNLOAD brochure chairs for disabled children 3.A and 3.B


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Special chair 3.A for the less disabled children from 4 to 18 years of age

Continuously adjustable seat length of 310 – 440 mm, seat width of 440 mm, backrest height of 470 mm, braked wheels Ø 50 mm, carrying capacity: 110 kg.
Without a foot rest. continuously adjustable seat height of 360 – 500 mm.

Z 63 01
Special chair 3.B for more disabled children from 4 to 18 years of age

The same as the 3.A version with additional head rest, lower back rests and chest belts.

Z 63 02

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