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GOLEM is a registered trademark of beds, tables and armchairs manufactured by RQL. Thanks to sophisticated modular design and annual production of more than 1,000 pieces, our customers can get a high quality products with proven functions, guaranteed quality and servicefor a price incomparable to that of our European competitors.For manufacturing, components from leading world producers are used, e.g. LINAK electric power drives, TENTE travel wheels, POWER-PACKER hydraulic motors, ELESA-GANTNER fi xing elements, SPRADLING artifi cial leather, BANSBACH gas springs.GOLEM is a synonym for robust and stable construction, fi rst class design, and sophisticated functions, verifi ed by many years of development. Metal parts are covered with a baked-on powder coating (grey RAL 7035) that is not harmful to humanhealth. Metal parts of operating tables are made of high-quality stainless steel DIN 1.4301.Working surfaces and edges are very well upholstered with artifi cial leather certifi ed for use in the health sector; a selection of 20 colors according to our sample book is available without paying any surcharge. The operating tables are upholstered withblack anti-static artifi cial leather.The lower frame, motion mechanism and all segments are provided with washable full-size plastic covers made of ABS (grey RAL 7035) for safety and hygienic reasons. The covers of operating tables are from stainless steel.All parts can be washed and disinfected using commonly available cleaning agents.All types are equipped with adjustable legs or braked wheels. Both variants ensure stability, good carrying capacity and safety in operation.The use of high quality drives and linear ducts prevents horizontal shifting during height adjustment of the working surface (no change of the patient’s position during height adjustment). This ensures your comfort during work.The power-driven height positioning of the tableworking surface enables optimum placement of both the patient and the attending personnel, facilitates and simplifi es operation, and allows the patient to be seated even from a wheel chair and to be elevated to the working level.High-quality electric power drives featuring quiet and vibration-free operation, which do not contain any liquids or substances harmful to the environment, use safe power drive operating voltage of 24 V; power supply 230 V/50 Hz from ordinary outlet; maximum power input only 140 W. The GOLEM tables are class I apparatus as regards electric safety.The models with a hydraulic unit (transport tables) use a closed circuit with guaranteed safety in any position of the table.Depending on product type, individual segments can be continuously adjusted manually or using electric drives; the total carrying capacity is 150 kg as standard or even up to 200 kg for some models.The guarantee period for all products is two years; guarantee and after-guarantee service is provided by RQL technicians (in the Czech and Slovak Republic) or by the dealer company’s technicians (in other countries).As regards operating safety, GOLEM tables and beds are medical devices of class 1., non-sterile, without measuring function.Each product includes an instruction book including guarantee certifi cate and CE conformity declaration.


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