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The GOLEM surgical tables(OP) are manufactured in a wide range of models that makes it possible for every user to choose a design and equipment fully satisfying their demanding requirements.

The operating surface of the table can be divided into 1 to 5 segments (type number) and it is always height adjustable. If necessary, the operating surface can be adjusted to the ± Trendelenburg position (marked T) and have adjustable side tilts (marked B). All adjustments are performed using silent and reliable LINAK electric drives with manual control. The tables are equipped with electronics with a memory of 3 operating positions that are simply set using a respective button.

The backrest tilt is also electric drive adjusted; the removable leg segment is adjusted using a gas spring; the removable head segment is adjusted manually by means of a double-joint system.

Tables with one- and two-segment operating surfaces are usually used for simple procedures or in ophthalmological and ENT surgery rooms; four- and five-segment tables are designed for all specializations and allow for the setting of all positions of the patient.

The tables have a sturdy and stable electro-chemically polished stainless steel structure and a washable and disinfectable operating surface with removable upholstery made of black antistatic artificial leather. There are EUROrails around all segments for the fastening of any accessories.

The standard version of the table is stationary with adjustable legs; there is also a possibility of a travelling version with Ø 100 mm centrally braked wheels. The table is supplied from a standard power socket, but it can also be equipped with a built-in fully automatic charger and maintenance-free batteries. The frequency of charging is 1 – 2 times per week, depending on the operation.

The whole operating surface including the head segment is fully translucent for X-ray; the C-arm can also be used with the exception of the middle segment (column).


Technical parameters:
overall table length 2 060 mm
table length without head segment 1 800 mm
table length without head and leg segment 1 110 mm
operating surface width 550 mm
operating surface width including EUROrails 590 mm
lengths of the segments :
head 260 mm
back 600 mm
seat 480 mm
leg 660 mm
table bottom clearance height 760 mm (with side tilt)
710 mm (without side tilt)
electric drive adjustable lift 300 mm
electric drive adjustable Trendelenburg ± 25°
electric drive adjustable side tilts (lateral) ± 20°
adjustment of segments :
head (double-joint system) – manually ± 30°, vertically 150 mm
back – electric drive +60°/ -20°
leg – manually +5°/ -90°
permissible loading of the operating surface 150 kg (total load)



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Surgical table GOLEM 5TB

Five-segment operating surface (head, backrest, seat, divided leg segment), stationary, electric drive adjustable height, back tilt, ± Trendelenburg and side tilts

G 25 50
Stationary version with adjustable pegs
undercarriage version, Ø 100 mm wheels with central brake
D 50 01
Without batteries
built-in batteries with automatic charger
D 50 02
Goepel leg supports

Šauty včetně svěrných spojů pro uchycení na EUROlištu

D 50 03
Without bowl
Stainless bowl
D 50 04
Stainless bowl with outlet, hose and waste container
D 50 05
Arm rest with strap
D 50 06
Infusion holder
D 50 07
Mouthpiece holder
D 50 08
Fastening strap
D 50 09
Holder for second hand
D 50 10
Forearm holder
D 50 11
Shoulder supports
D 50 12
Lateral support with axial positioning
D 50 13
Lateral support
D 50 14
Holder of X-ray cassettes
D 50 15

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